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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Black Friday Sale

Well, not really. But since many of you will be in the shopping mood and I have no wall space left to hang pictures maybe we can help each other out. The nine prints I'm offering here already framed and ready to hang. They are reasonably small prints and the prices are enough to cover my costs for frames and materials. I am offering them only for local customers, stop by and pick them up at my place or I might even be persuaded to deliver in the Palmer/Wasilla area.

I took new photos of each with a great looking coffee cup for scale.

Sentinel - Art Print 11.5" X 8.5"
Frame Black/Granite - non-glare acrylic 15" X 12"
$40.00 local

Something's Coming - Art Print 11.5" X  8"
Frame Oak/Terracotta - non-glare acrylic 17" X 13.5"
$40.00 local

Alaska Brown Bear Fishing - Art Print 11.5" X 5.5"
Frame Coffee/Blue - non-glare acrylic 17" X 11"
$40.00 local

Bull Moose in Fireweed Art Print 13.5' X 10.5"
Frame Cherry/Maroon/White - clear acrylic 19.5" X 16.5" 
$65.00 local

Bull Moose in Fireweed Art Print 13.5' X 10.5"
Frame Oak/Forest Shadow/white - non-glare acrylic 19.5" X 16.5" 
$65.00 local

Birch on a Ridge - Art print on canvas 15.5" X 11.5"
Frame Expresso/Wood - 18" X 22"
$40.00 local

Snowy Winter Stream - Art print on canvas 15.5" X 11.5"
Frame Expresso/Wood - 18" X 22"
$40.00 local

Dad's Cook Inlet Sailboat - Art print on canvas 15.5" X 11.5"
Frame Expresso/Wood - 18" X 22"
$40.00 local

Rosy Mist - Art print on canvas 15.5" X 11.5"
Frame Expresso/Wood - 18" X 22"
$40.00 local

Monday, November 20, 2017

Duplicate Posts?

When I jumped into online marketing  a short time ago I started out putting different paintings on ArtPal than I put on Fineartamerica. I am not sure what my thought process was. But now being a veteran of a month online I see no reason to continue. During the next week you'll see what appear to be re-postings of images. It's actually me posting painting on Fineartamerica that were only on Artpal and vice versa. I should have that process completed this week. I'm still going to be posting new images like the Montana Windmill that I posted today.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Coffee Cups II

Three people, that I know of, including me had some difficulty ordering coffee cups from Fineartamerica. The problem is when you choose an image and open the order page, there are only a dozen options that you can get the image printed on. But if you choose any one of those as though you wanted to purchase it opens a second ordering screen. Scroll to the bottom and you'll see an expanded group of options, 21, I think I counted, including the legendary coffee cups. Also a clothing line including baby onsies. I think my great-grandaughter is getting a shirt for Christmas.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Coffee Cups

My sister-in-law ordered a tote bag with the image of "Through the Birch" printed on it. Seeing it was kind of a surreal experience. I have had it happen unexpectedly in the past. Before I retired I worked for "Big Oil." For many years I was the go to guy when someone needed a new logo, a jacket patch or a hat designed to celebrate a milestone or new discovery. Some of the items went to the staff in the Anchorage offices but the majority went to the North Slope and were given to contractors and employees working there. I probably did a hundred hats and jacket designs over the 26 years. Every now and then I'll see someone that I don't know, in a crowd or while shopping, that is wearing a hat or jacket patch that I designed. It's a strange experience, a mixture of a little pride in my work and discomfort with this stranger wearing my hat.
So I ordered some coffee cups from the Print on Demand websites. The first two arrived yesterday. I think they look fabulous on my kitchen counter. I really think they would look great on yours. Who couldn't use Alaska themed coffee cups. Get a whole set.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Will Paint For Food

This painting, that I posted on Fineartamerica, has been one of my most popular. Before I presented my paintings to the wider audience of the internet, I invited my friends and family to take any that they liked. One of my nephews chose this one, and a couple other people were disappointed so I painted two other versions of it for them.
After seeing it posted on-line, one of my oldest friends expressed an interest in purchasing the original, and I had to disappoint her that it wasn't available. I told her that I would paint a similar version of it and give her first chance to buy that one.
That brings me to the title of this blog posting. I will accept commissions. If you have a particular, image, situation, place or thing you would like me to paint for you I will consider it. Let me say up front that I not do portraits of  people, pets or your favorite horse. I am working on those skills but have not yet arrived at a skill level that is acceptable. If I think I can do justice to your idea I will name a price and attempt it if you agree. If you like the finished product, you can purchase it at the previous agreed upon price. If not, I'll keep it.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Dad's Bear

The other day, my brother, the one who lives within walking distance not the one that lives in Eagle River, Alaska, and I were talking about paintings. He asked me if I had Dad's bear. I said yes, I did, hanging on the wall near the fireplace. Several hours later it occurred to me that he was talking about "Dad's Bear." The painting of the angry charging mother grizzly bursting from the brush, her eyes focused like a laser on the viewer, the cub that she was protecting, barely visible behind her. She hung over the fireplace in our parents home for years. Mother wasn't fond of her but Dad sure was. I don't have "Dad's Bear," one of my siblings has her.  I do have a another bear that he painted. I always liked it better. It's very simple, almost impressionistic. But fortunately, I have never yet been charged by a bear. Most of the bears I have seen in my life have been just wondering through the brush or across the tundra. Some were taking down and killing a moose, or sitting on moose carcass after they killed it or they took it away from a smaller bear. Sometimes they were sitting on the remains of a moose or caribou that I or my hunting partners had harvested earlier. But mostly they look like this, more or less.
P.S. Just a reminder, the gift giving holidays are fast approaching. Art prints make great gifts. Get a few real soon.

P.PS. New images on ArtPal and FineArtAmerica tomorrow.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Veterans Day

Today is the day we set aside to honor Veterans who served in the military. I thank all of the other Veterans for their service to our country, especially those who served in combat. Closer to home a shout out to Vets in my own family. Dad and Phil who served WWII and who have gone now leaving behind two great families. Glen, Daniel, Jim, Steve and Steve in my extended family. Friends from my youth, Rick, Randy, Rob, Ray, Bruce, and Rick. I just know I've forgotten someone in those groups so I apologize in advance. Blame it on old age, I think all but a couple of those named Vets will agree.
Bringing it back to a connection with painting, as I mentioned in an earlier post the first art I ever sold was Alaska scenes painted gold pans when I was serving in the U.S. Army at Ft. Greely, Alaska. At the same time the late, great Bob Ross,  of  "The Joy of Painting" program, was doing the same thing at the Air-force base just down the road. So a thank you to Bob for his service and his inspiration.
Today I uploaded two of my most popular images.
"Tracks" was uploaded to Artpal.
"Moose in Fireweed" to FineArtAmerica.
Facebook post should be appearing soon.