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Monday, January 1, 2018

First Painting of 2018

Actually I was working on it all weekend but didn't sign it until just past midnight, making it officially my first painting of 2018. My first attempt at painting my favorite flower, Lupine. I like it even better than fireweed.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Homage Mountain

Sydney Laurence is one of my favorite artists. He painting Alaska around a hundred years ago. I've read him described as a "Romance Landscape Artist." I assume that reference is meant to compare him to  the Hudson River School of artists. He also has been describe as an Impressionist. The only name I have found for the painting that inspired mine is "Nugget Shop." Apparently when he began selling paintings in Alaska, not having the internet, he sold them in a store called the Nugget Shop.

I called the Painting "Homage Mountain," in honor of S. Laurence. My painting is not an attempt to copy but to paint a similar composition using what ever skill I have developed so far in my journey.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Kate's Windmill

I was hesitant to but this painting out there into the big cold world on fineartamerica. First of all it's a personal subject matter and second it's not my best work nor is it a particularly arresting image.
Also, I discussed in an earlier blog , my initial discomfort with having my paintings printed on bath towels, shower curtains and coffee cups. I got over that and now I and many of my friends and family have real nice coffee cups. 

I wanted to release it into the world in case people who knew Kate might be interested in it. But I didn't really want this, almost a memorial painting, used that way. With a little experimenting I discovered that I could choose what to permit each individual one of my paintings to be reproduced on. I limited this image to being printed on canvas, fine art paper, acrylic, metal and wood. Oh, and greeting cards.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Twenty Six Paintings

How things change over the years. This is me about 12 years ago, in Mexico, smoking a Cuban Cigar, and wearing a hat my mother brought back from New Zealand. I quit smoking 22 years ago except for this one cigar, and I quit wearing a watch after I bought my first cell phone.

I posted my 26th painting on fineartamerica.com this morning. 25 was the limit for the free account. I don't plan on stopping painting so I ponied up the fee and upgraded to premium. With the premium package came my own website. I think it was worth the annual premium fee.
Take a look...


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

What my daughter said...


My daughter stopped by for a visit yesterday evening. I was showing her the paintings and prints that I had sold recently. While gesturing towards a wall of framed paintings, I made the observation that I would like to sell a few more of my larger Alaskan moose and caribou pictures. She immediately emphatically stated "Not that one, that one is my favorite, it's mine!"
Consequently if you were contemplating purchasing "Blizzard," you missed your chance. It is off the market. You can still purchase a fine art print of the painting in convenient sizes. Or, if you choose, as a fleece blanket, canvas print or coffee cup and one of these Print On Demand sites.




Sunday, December 3, 2017

A Thank You.

Many of my friends and family have pressed the "Like" button on the Facebook posts of my painting and this blog. Thank you all for the encouragement. I really appreciate it. Also many of those same folks have been "Sharing" those posts. This has helped get more people  than I ever expected to see my paintings. Another special thank you to those of you who have been doing that.
I would like to invite any of you who have been "Likeing" but not "Sharing" my paintings to feel free to "Share" at least one painting, perhaps your favorite. Or you can "Share" this blog entry or every painting I post. Thanks.

I posted several paintings since my last blog entry  in November. This particular one I call "North Country Sunset." It's my most recent painting, done just last week. Consequently I didn't put the original up for sale yet because it will need several weeks to dry. I'll make a note of it when it's available.
Meanwhile as always, you can purchase a print of it on-line.

I've almost run out of older paintings I selected from my earlier work. I gave away most of the best ones to friends and family before I was convince to go public. I may go back into the archives,(the storage space in my garage/studio,) when I am done to see if I missed any that I might show publicly.
Otherwise very soon I will only be posting new work.